From Funfair to Leading VAT Specialist

Keeping your VAT Knowledge up to date

In June, every year since 1882, the Hoppings, Europe’s largest travelling funfair, opens on the Town Moor, in Newcastle upon Tyne. With its bright lights, loud music, fast rides, hook- a-duck stalls, and the smell of hotdogs and candy floss. Who would have thought that this was originally the life of Jane Deeks, director and founder of Deeks VAT Consultancy Limited?

Jane was born and bred into the fairground business, as were her parents, grandparents, and great grandparents before her. She spent her formative years working and travelling on the funfair. As with all fairground children, it was expected that she would follow several generations of the family into the fairground business.

Only when the fair closed for three months each winter was Jane able to attend school. From the tender age of 5 to the age of 12, Jane managed only 21 months in total of formal education.

Instead, Jane obtained an alternative education on the funfair, where her parents taught her how to run the family business, weld, and repair engines, cars and amusement machines in the family’s travelling amusement arcade. Jane was a dab-hand on the Space Invader video game!

At the age of 17 and after reading a plethora of books about the law, Jane decided to return to education and become a Solicitor. She jumped straight into studying GCSEs, despite being advised to attend basic numeracy and literacy courses first. After successfully obtaining her
GCSEs, she went on to achieve four A levels, a 2:1 degree in Law with Honours and a Commendation in Legal Practice at the University of Birmingham.

Whilst studying for the Legal Practice Diploma, Jane was approached by PwC and encouraged to apply for a graduate traineeship in tax law. Jane started her career as a trainee tax advisor specialising in VAT, with PwC in 1999. Jane continued her studies and became a Chartered Tax Adviser.

Jane worked within the ‘Big Four’ accountancy practices for a number of years, and then went on to work for a smaller tax boutique and later set up a number of VAT departments for mid-tier firms. Jane’s most recent achievement was the successful set-up of the VAT department for the fastest growing accountancy firm in the UK.

Being brought up by self-employed parents and members of the Showman’s Guild of Great Britain, she always wanted to establish her own VAT consultancy firm.

Deeks VAT Consultancy has therefore been established to provide bespoke independent VAT support to Accountancy firms, Solicitors practices and business throughout the North East and the rest of the UK. Deeks VAT Consultancy provides specialist VAT advice in all areas of VAT, ranging from land and property, company reorganisations to international goods and services. It provides a down to earth, friendly, approachable services, tailor-made to meet your needs.

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