Our specialists can assist in a range of VAT & Tax areas

Deeks VAT Consultancy has significant experience of working within accountancy practices and we understand what is required from a VAT and Tax advisor.

We recognise how common it is for clients to blame their accountants if errors are discovered by HMRC, especially if an investigation leads to assessments being raised. To avoid this type of misunderstanding, we recommend accountants explain clearly to their clients that the VAT and Tax implications of their business are outside the scope of the service.

We can advise accountants on VAT issues before they meet with potential clients, so they’re fully briefed to discuss clients’ VAT affairs. In-depth knowledge may surprise new clients and assist in winning work from them.

Sub-contracting Deeks VAT Consultancy

Clients sometimes expect VAT and Tax advice to be part of their annual accounts’ preparation fee. However, in our experience, most VAT queries are more complicated than they initially appear and may require specialist assistance. VAT is fact-specific, and the correct advice will only result from asking the right questions.

Recharging Fees

We can brief accountants on such questions and the correct advice to be given. If the matter is complex and time-consuming, it may involve incurring fees that have to be passed on to clients. Deeks VAT Consultancy will provide the VAT and Tax answers, together with explanatory information for clients as to why such fees were necessary.

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Here at Deeks VAT Consultancy we can help all types of businesses, either personally or acting on your behalf for your clients. Drop us a message and one of our specialists will be in touch to discuss how we can help.

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