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Jane Deeks, our Managing Director, has over 30 years’ experience providing VAT advice to businesses. She started her career as a graduate trainee at PwC. Since then she has worked for three of the top four accountancy firms, as well as medium and smaller accountancy firms and specialist tax boutiques. She has gained a great deal of experience handling both large corporate clients and smaller OMBs and sole traders. 

Jane comes from a background of self-employed entrepreneurs and is following her family tradition by operating her own business. She has a deep understanding of business as a whole, from the needs of big companies to the passion or sometimes despair of the sole trader. 

With Deeks VAT Consultancy, she has gathered together a strong team of specialist tax advisers to address the varying needs of corporate and individual clients. We can offer support in international and cross-border tax matters as well as for UK-based business. We deal with property transactions and customs duties, together with all the various complexities of VAT. 

VAT is a complicated area of taxation, with ever-changing legislation and case law. With our wide range of experience in tax matters, Deeks VAT Consultancy can provide bespoke and independent advice in all areas of VAT. We shoulder the burden of handling VAT and Tax, so that our clients can focus on the more important matter of running their business.

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Here at Deeks VAT Consultancy we can help all types of businesses, either personally or acting on your behalf for your clients. Drop us a message and one of our specialists will be in touch to discuss how we can help.

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