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VAT liabilities in the healthcare sector are complicated, ranging from institutional liability for hospitals to charges on medical supplies and transport. There are several different VAT categories, for example, including exempt, zero rated, reduced rated and standard rated. Which category is applicable depends on whether the service is providing healthcare or buying/selling a product. 

This is a complex area with complex rules, but Deeks VAT Consultancy can help find a path through the maze. We can help determine whether an institution qualifies for state regulated healthcare, including hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, or other institutions. We can help healthcare professionals benefit from VAT exemptions under the relevant laws, and make sure that supplies and purchases are correctly treated from a VAT perspective. 

For instance, the supply of medical personnel could be treated as the supply of care which is exempt or as supply of staff, which is standard rated. It all depends on the facts and working practices. Then again, patient transport can be exempt from VAT, zero rated or standard rated all depending on the type of vehicle used. 

The healthcare industry as a whole is highly exempt, so it’s important to ensure that qualifying institutions categorise their charges correctly. Incorrectly charged VAT is not recoverable from HM Revenue and Customs, so VAT reporting must get it right first time. 

A VAT Health Check is a great option for assessing the correct amount of VAT liability, and we can assist healthcare professionals with setting this up. 

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