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Brexit has made this area of VAT much more complex and costly to anyone involved in importing and exporting goods. Clients need to understand their VAT obligations thoroughly in order to ensure they are legally compliant. 

Deeks VAT Consultancy can provide the necessary advice to ensure that all VAT responsibilities are being met, to avoid any penalties and maximise profits. We are happy to advise and assist clients with such matters as: 

  • The international VAT aspect of importing and exporting goods throughout the EU and the rest of the world. This may also incorporate international accounting and cross-border VAT. 
  • Securing Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status. This includes determining which type of AEO status is applicable and preparing for HMRC audits. 
  • Registering and compiling returns for the EU One Stop Shop, and the Import One Stop Shop. 
  • Determining whether a company should register for the Union or Non-Union scheme, how to make payments, keep records and prepare for audits. 
  • Negotiating the changes in customs and excise duties. This has become much more of an issue since Brexit and it’s important to get it right. 
  • Review previously paid import VAT/customs duty to identify errors and submit reclaims of any overpaid import VAT/customs duty.

Customs duty is a sticking tax, i.e. not eligible for rebates, so it’s critical that the correct amount of duty is assessed at the outset. This is also an area that’s constantly in flux, adding to the many complexities of an already difficult tax. We are able to perform a detailed review and if necessary, prepare and submit a claim for over paid customs duty.

Deeks VAT Consultancy can advise on the latest VAT rules that effect shipping and distribution, and help clients apply for any reliefs that may be applicable. 

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