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Calculating VAT and Tax liabilities for clients in the sports and leisure industry can be a challenge. It’s an area of taxation that deals with the supply of services and facilities for playing sports, or taking part in physical recreation. It also includes physical education and competitions, and in many cases, the supply of services can be exempt from VAT. 

At Deeks VAT Consultancy we have years of experience in calculating VAT for sports and leisure organisations. We offer a full VAT health check, to review a client’s circumstances and determine how its VAT obligations can best be met. This will also serve to identify any areas where VAT can be saved or claimed back. 

We have also provided planning advice to eligible bodies, to ensure their services are taxable. This generally applies to not for profit organisations such as sports clubs, and allows significant recovery of VAT on the construction of new sports facilities. We can also offer advice to commercial providers, to determine whether there is any scope for VAT exemption.  

Different VAT ratings are applied to specific facilities and services supplied by, for instance, a sports club, so it’s important to apportion the right one. There are also separate VAT liabilities for a single supply and for multiple supplies. Given that VAT payments are frequently not recoverable, there is considerable incentive to claim any eligible exemptions. HMRC have been known to deny exemptions in certain circumstances, but these rulings have been successfully challenged in recent years.  

Deeks VAT Consultancy are fully invested in assisting sporting organisations to meet their VAT obligations and achieve the best possible outcome for their VAT liability. This includes determining exemption status, identifying all possible VAT reliefs and ensuring that an organisation is VAT compliant so as to avoid any financial penalties.

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