International VAT and Customs Duty

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Brexit has changed the UK’s VAT and Customs Duty accounting in several ways, making international trade more complicated. Deeks VAT Consultancy is widely experienced in cross-border accounting, and we advise corporations, accountants, solicitors and businesses worldwide. We can assist you to negotiate your international VAT and Customs Duty obligations and make sure you take advantage of any updated regulations. We can help you ensure that all export and import taxes are correctly and efficiently dealt with, so your business can proceed smoothly. 

Some of the International VAT and Customs Duty consultancy services we offer at Deeks include: 

  • Help in understanding place of taxation rules and determining VAT liabilities 
  • Help in handling onetime VAT transactions such as mergers and acquisitions 
  • Help in assessing the impact on VAT reporting of new products or supply chains 
  • Help in reviewing VAT risks, costs and/or processes
  • Help in reviewing previously paid import VAT/customs duty to identify errors and submit reclaims of any overpaid import VAT/customs duty

It’s our job to provide you with ethical, practical advice, so that you can be confident that you’re in full compliance with the law. If your business involves trading with the EU or other countries, our team of experts at Deeks VAT Consultancy will be happy to advise and assist you in any way we can. 

VAT Consultancy, Advice & Compliance

Deeks VAT Consultancy offers advice from registering a business to preparing and submitting the periodic VAT return. Businesses operating in multiple jurisdictions must ensure reports are filed accurately and on time, in accordance with the information required by each Tax office in the respective countries. We also provide VAT consultancy advice worldwide.

VAT Reclaims

It may be possible to reclaim up to 27% VAT on foreign and domestic business expenses, including corporate travel & entertainment and accounts payable invoices. Deeks VAT Consultancy can ensure that the process runs smoothly and effortlessly and offers a comprehensive VAT refund service regardless of which country requires you to file VAT.

Customs Duty Reclaims

Since Brexit and the change in rules, we have identified that a lot of businesses have been paying more Customs Duty than they are required to. Deeks VAT Consultancy can review a business’s data using specialist software designed to identify any custom duty overpayments and review procedures. We can prepare and submit reclaims of overpaid customs duty and advice on more efficient processes.

Our International VAT and Customs Duty Specialist

Charlotte has several years’ experience working closely with Startups, SME, Blue Chip and Multinational companies located across the world, across multiple industry sectors that have cross border VAT/TAX exposure in one or multiple countries for that matter. Charlotte’s expertise covers coordinating VAT/Tax/Customs compliance, consultancy, and recovery requirements in over 50 countries. She has a wealth of experience formulating tailored solutions to fit the individual requirements of her clients’ specific needs.

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Leigh Hall, Director at Hall Leisure Ltd

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