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As consultants to businesses and corporations worldwide, Deeks VAT Consultancy is always looking for ways to help you to reduce your tax liabilities and enhance your company’s profitability. One of these is a government tax incentive scheme called Research and Development Tax Credits. This has been set up to stimulate R&D in all sectors of UK business, and to encourage the development of new scientific or technological projects. 

If you’re actively developing new products, services or processes, then it’s highly likely you’ll qualify for UK R&D tax credits. You may still be able to benefit if you’re modifying some existing product to enhance its performance, or even if the project doesn’t succeed. The R&D Tax Credit scheme is applicable to all sizes and sectors of business. We can help you take advantage of this incentive and advise you on the levels of tax relief available on your R&D expenditure. 

Our experienced team of tax advisers includes several highly skilled scientific and technological specialists, with an in-depth knowledge of R&D tax legislation. At Deeks we can identify qualifying activities quickly and get your claim rolling with minimum delay. We can also help you expedite any claim that you may already have in progress. 

Our R&D Consultancy Specialist

Ahmed manages a portfolio of private and corporate clients specialises in R&D tax credit claims. Ahmed is a fully qualified chartered accountant who started his career 13 years ago at a well established accounting firm based in London. He completed his foundational qualification and decided to join a training contract to successfully become a chartered accountant. Ahmed has held various senior-level positions to help growing businesses remain compliant and make use of tax planning opportunities which are often overlooked.

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