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VAT Investigations, Assessments, and Appeals

HMRC VAT inspections can be extremely disruptive and stressful, and VAT errors can be extremely costly to rectify. All HMRC investigations are serious and should be seen as such, but there is no need to panic. Deeks VAT Consultancy can talk you through your options, ensuring you comply at all times and help make the process as stress-free as possible.

Deeks VAT Consultancy can help with any matters arising during or following a VAT inspection. We can attend an inspection and represent you to ensure that the inspection is dealt with in accordance with the VAT legislation and in a timely manner.

Deeks VAT Consultancy have had much success in reducing the impact of investigations on businesses. We regularly achieve positive results for our clients and can support you from start to finish. Although it is best that you contact us as soon as you become aware of an investigation, we can get involved at any stage.

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VAT Investigations

Should the VAT inspection result in disagreement with HMRC, we can review the issue, its validity and negotiate with HMRC where necessary. The better the initial defence, the less likely you are to receive an unfavourable decision/assessment from HMRC.

However, should you have received an unfavourable decision/assessment Deeks VAT Consultancy can assist you with all aspects of challenging HMRC decision, whether it is an appealable decision or not? The majority of appeals are settled with HMRC, without the need for a costly and stressful hearing at the Tax Tribunal.

In certain instances, HMRC’s decisions are not appealable and can only be challenged using other legal remedies, such as Judicial Review.
Appeals against decisions have to be lodged with the Tax Tribunal within 30 days of the assessment, so it is absolutely vital that you get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Even if the assessment looks as though it may be correct, we would always suggest that the documentation is reviewed by us as we may be able to identify an angle that you may have missed.

It is our opinion that success is mostly achieved by a combination of professional experience and vital skills, such as up to date technical VAT knowledge and knowledge of HMRC procedures, together with a desire to succeed.

Deeks VAT Consultancy have vast experience in and can assist with any of the following:

•    Non-Statutory Clearance applications
•    Case reviews
•    Reconsideration requests
•    Challenging HMRC assessments and decisions
•    Negotiation with HMRC
•    Penalty mitigation
•    Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
•    Tribunal preparation and representation

In any dispute with HMRC, we view litigation in the Tax Tribunal and Higher Courts as the last resort. Deeks VAT Consultancy’s overall objective is always to reach an acceptable outcome as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.


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