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We can advise you how to spread the cost of your company’s VAT and Tax bill with finance solutions such as bridging loans. Funding your bills means you can defer payments over a period of several months. This will improve your cash flow and give you more purchasing power, thus enhancing your potential for growth and increased competitiveness.

What is a VAT Loan?

A VAT and Tax loan is a financing option that a business can use to pay quarterly VAT and Tax bills by the deadline. Even the largest companies can struggle to meet their VAT and Tax needs, VAT and Tax loans can give a business piece of mind that aid those monthly repayments. An unexpected large bill due to a change in business practices during the previous quarter can affect the business’ working capital. A VAT and Tax finance option allows the business to manage its working capital more efficiently and avoid any disruptions to the business process.

Advantages of a VAT or Bridging Loan

  • Funds VAT and Tax payments on time.
  • Allows monthly repayments instead of a large Quarterly bill. 
  • Gives the business piece of mind to plan ahead.
  • Fills in any gaps in the working capital of the business.
  • Avoids disruptions to cashflow. 
  • Prevents any late penalties and fines. 
  • Covers cover any VAT element that is due when purchasing any commercial property to complete the sale. 
  • Can assist in paying the annual corporation tax. 

Our VAT Consultancy Specialist

Jane Deeks provides VAT advice on all areas of VAT. She specialises in VAT Consultancy and Planning. She started her career as a trainee tax advisor specialising in VAT, with PwC in 1999. She then became a Chartered Tax Adviser, then went onto starting Deeks VAT Consultancy Limited in 2018.

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