VAT Consultancy & Planning

Our specialists can assist in a range of VAT & Tax areas

Deeks VAT Consultancy can advise you on all aspects of VAT, from the application to register for VAT thorough to more complex areas of planning to minimise your VAT liabilities, prepare for audits/VAT investigations. Deeks VAT Consultancy can also advise on complex issues such as partial exemption calculations, the capital goods scheme, the place of supply of goods or services and the tour operator’s margin scheme (TOMS).

We will consider the VAT implications throughout all stages of your business. This could be considerations of a proposed activity, property constructions or acquisitions. Our specialists can also advise on the disposal of part of the business, group reorganisations and overseas expansions.

If you believe you may have a VAT liability in another EU territory, then it must be addressed locally. Deeks VAT Consultancy can provide VAT advice worldwide.

These services would include:

  • Planning to identify the correct VAT treatment of activities.  
  • Liaising with legal advisors in respect of business transactions.  
  • Advising you how to plan robustly, minimise your VAT exposure and optimise your cash flow position. 

Deeks VAT Consultancy would consider all VAT issues that might arise from your prospective business plans, to ensure that VAT does not compromise these arrangements, and assist you to implement all the advice.

Our VAT Consultancy Specialist

Jane Deeks provides VAT advice on all areas of VAT. She specialises in VAT Consultancy and Planning. She started her career as a trainee tax advisor specialising in VAT, with PwC in 1999. She then became a Chartered Tax Adviser, then went onto starting Deeks VAT Consultancy Limited in 2018.

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Jane: +44 (0) 7710 553831

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