So, what does a VAT specialist do?

Keeping your VAT Knowledge up to date

When I tell anyone, I am a VAT specialist they automatically think I work for HM Revenue and Customs, and I am likely to investigate them. If you ask my daughter what I do for a living she will say, I don’t know, but she works for the good guys!

I always explain what I do, by saying I work for the good guys and can help you with any VAT matters that you may have. The response I then get is oh my accountant deals with that, so I wouldn’t need your assistance.

VAT specialists are quite a rare breed. It is a niche career that most of us just ended up in. The best way I can describe how we work is by making the analogy with your GP. If you go to the doctors because you aren’t feeling very well and their test results show that you have a problem with your Kidney, the GP will refer you to a Kidney specialist.

Well, that’s how us VAT specialists work alongside your accountant. Your accountant will deal with the day to day VAT matters, but when a particular transaction takes place, he may refer you to a VAT specialist.

We would then provide you with the specialist VAT advice.

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